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Amazon Launches Echo Dot Kids Edition

Amazon Launches Echo Dot Kids Edition

We all love our smart speakers – they provide us with so much joy and so much insight into the world around us. Sometimes, they provide us with a bit too much information and we’re given a bit too much freedom with our voice commands – you could say that they’re not the most child-friendly of devices. However, Amazon has invented a child-friendly solution with the Echo Dot Kids Edition.


Tapping into the kids’ market was a smart move for Amazon. The Echo Dot Kids Edition is nearly double the price of the standard Echo Dot, but you get what you pay for when it comes to your child’s safety, right? The Echo Dot Kids Edition lives in a sturdy case available in 3 bright colours (blue, red and green) and comes with a 2-year warranty. Amazon guaranty to replace the device for 2 years even if your child breaks it – amazing! It also includes a whole year’s subscription of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited which will give your kids access to endless content including audio books, ad-free radio stations, games and much more, even from the likes of household names Disney and Nickelodeon.


Now your kids will have the freedom to ask Alexa anything they want, without you having to worry what the response will be. The Amazon Parent Dashboard allows you to set parental controls including downtime where you can pause Alexa, set daily usage limits and review your kids’ activity throughout the day. You can also set filters to rule out explicit songs, prevent Amazon online purchases and Alexa will even reward usage and encourage politeness by providing positive feedback.


Whether you want to call your kids for dinner, encourage curiosity or provide your kids with a personal assistant for a little independence (and give you some freedom!) the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition seems like the perfect introduction into smart tech for children. The Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is currently $79.99 USD on Amazon.com

Source: Amazon.com