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Apple wants you to take control of your screen time

Apple wants you to take control of your screen time

This year’s Apple WWDC focused on Apple’s software development rather than concentrating on its range of new products.

At the forefront of the conference was the new iOS 12 software update, which will be available for most of Apple’s devices. Alongside some exciting new features such as Memojis, new Animojis and group FaceTime, Apple’s new iOS update will try to help users become more wary of their device usage.

Following Google’s ‘Digital Wellbeing’, Apple wants you to try to limit your screen time or, at the very least, be aware of just how long you’re spending on your devices.


The ‘Screen Time’ feature will allow users to view a detailed summary of their device usage, including a breakdown for separate apps. ‘App Limits’ will send notifications to let you know if you’ve been using a certain app for a long period of time, and these notifications can be set for your kids if you feel they need a timeout from their tech.

You will also be able to limit the amount of notifications you receive throughout the day straight from the Lock screen – either minimising the amount of notifications you receive from a certain app or stopping them altogether.


Finally, the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature will be expanded to include more options. For example, you can now set the ‘Do Not Disturb’ to prevent any disruptions just for a meeting, or while you’re at a specific location so the feature will automatically turn off once you’re finished with your meeting or you leave that specific location.


Whether you need an extra nudge to limit your screen time, or you need a bit of a tech timeout, Apple’s new iOS 12 update will certainly help with your ‘digital wellbeing’.

Source: Apple