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Delivering for Amazon Australia

Delivering for Amazon Australia

For worldwide Amazon consumers, on-time deliveries, simple returns and excellent customer service are simply part of the overall Amazon experience – but what will Australian consumers expect from the online retail giant?

With the imminent launch of Amazon Australia, the pressure is on for Australia Post to step up their game and meet the ever-growing demands of an Amazon consumer base.


For many Australians, the luxury of same-day delivery is a dream experienced only by those in the US or Europe (an additional costs) but it may need to become a reality if Australia Post wants to retain a partnership with the largest online retailer Australia has seen since eBay.

One of the biggest struggles Australia faces is purely geographical. Australia’s huge land mass and isolated communities make for slower delivery times outside of cities and suburban areas. So, how can Australia Post keep up? With technology!


Amazon has already begun testing its drone delivery service Amazon Prime Air, hoping to deliver parcels to customers within 30 minutes or less. It’s private trial in the UK is gathering data to improve safety and operations before launch. Amazon Prime Air allows for deliveries to remote areas where road access, terrain and distance from main highways may prove an issue for standard delivery drivers. This type of service could work perfectly for more remote areas of Australia, getting deliveries to customers within more convenient time frames.


Australia Post are trialling their own technology. Their small, self-driving robot container delivers packages straight to your door, with a safety lock which can only be opened with an access code texted to the recipient. Sounds cute, right? Each ‘cute’ robot will need its very own human minder – walking alongside it like you would walk your pet dog to make sure it gets to the delivery address in one piece. This would prevent drivers from delivering numerous parcels in the same timeframe. Not really the kind of efficiency you would expect from technology.


Whatever solution Australia Post decides to take, they need to act fast – rumours are Amazon is just weeks from launch in Australia, hopefully just in time for Christmas!

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