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Facebook to Overhaul News Feed in 2018

Facebook to Overhaul News Feed in 2018

Facebook has announced its plans to completely overhaul the News Feed in 2018 in an attempt to create more ‘valuable’ content.

In recent times Facebook has faced backlash over the way content displays on News Feeds, with users seeing unwanted content from people they barely know and being bombarded with adverts from irrelevant brands and companies. Posts from distant friends or colleagues are being favoured over posts from close friends and family, frustrating users and therefore losing their interest. As the News Feed algorithm developed to favour videos, companies and brands started to flood followers’ feeds with short, cheap videos – also devaluing the content appearing on News Feeds. Facebook has also been criticised for their ad targeting demographics, with publishers being able to specify exactly who can see their advertisements – right down to racial stereotyping.


Wanting to change the ‘value’ of the social media platform, Facebook has announced that from 2018 onwards News Feeds will favour posts with higher engagement (more comments and likes) and show these at the top of your News Feed to encourage discussion with your friends. Posts from close friends and family (i.e. people who you interact with more frequently and regularly) should become more visible, meaning you’ll see less content from those ‘friends’ you barely know. This new News Feed algorithm should also prevent the spread of ‘fake news’ and political propaganda which has recently been in the headlines. In summary you should be seeing more content from your friends and family and much less advertising content and news articles.


Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg said with these changes in force in 2018 he anticipates a decline in the amount of time users spend on Facebook. However, he added that the time they do spend will be more meaningful – better for both personal users and businesses in the long run.

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Source: The Verge