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Give your kids a tech timeout with TechDen

Give your kids a tech timeout with TechDen

Are your kids out-of-control when it comes to tech? Struggle to prise away the tablets and mobile phones from their grasping paws? Sometimes it’s hard to keep an eye on your kids’ tech time, especially in the modern age of portable, affordable technology. You can try to tell them to put their phones and tablets away at meal times and bedtime, but who’s to say they won’t be sneaking them back out once you close the door? What you need is an app and a lockable box. Introducing TechDen.


TechDen easily manages your child’s screen time through a management app and a physical box to store away devices during timeout periods. The dedicated app connects to your family’s devices, sending them notifications and countdowns when their scheduled screen time is about to end, letting them know they need to put their devices in the TechDen box.

The box itself can store and charge 2 devices at once (iOS and Android compatible), including mobiles and tablets. Once a child receives the notification to store away their device, they simply plug their device into the TechDen box and tuck it away, whilst the TechDen recognises which device it has in store and notifies parents.


From the app, parents can create screen time routines for each child and each device – setting maximum screen time allowances within each ‘session’ and scheduling windows for opening and closing the box (i.e. a 30-minute session before bedtime might allow a maximum screen time of 10 minutes before locking the device away). Devices will be locked in the TechDen when the screen time maximum has been reached and will be unlocked when the session is over. Parents will also be notified when devices have been removed from the box.


Sounds like a foolproof idea, right? Well, TechDen relies somewhat on kids being cooperative and doesn’t mention what happens if the tech-hungry child breaks into the box. These are worries left to parents who might invest in the $199.00 USD product. You can back TechDen now on Kickstarter and hope your kids get used to less screen time. Good luck!

Source: The Verge