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Green Scooters Invade Local Cities!

Green Scooters Invade Local Cities!

Mesmerized by the sudden influx of green scooters popping up around your town or city? No, they haven’t been abandoned as some sort of wild prank. No, it’s not an alien invasion. They’re ready for you to hop on and whizz around – just take one and try it!

That’s right, you can scoot around your town or city for just a few dollars with Lime’s dockless electric scooters. Recently launched in Brisbane, Australia, US company Lime has gifted hundreds of its green, electric scooters and left them around the city (Southbank and Fortitude Valley originally). They’re pretty simple to use and encourage commuters and tourists alike to take a different view of their surroundings.

To use the service, first of all you’ll need to download the Lime app and register. Using the app you can locate the nearest scooter (you’ll easily find one yourself!) then unlock it by scanning the QR code on the scooter or entering its ID. At just $1 to unlock and 30 cents per minute to run, Lime’s scooter service is much easier and cheaper than the infamous City Cycles and provide much more flexibility. Once you’ve scooted to your destination, simply park the scooter in a safe place, lock it and carry on with your day.

Whether you want a cruisey ride or need to get somewhere quick, the scooter’s 250 watt motor can reach speeds of around 23km/hr and can travel for around 32 km in total. But how do they get charged? The scooters have built-in sensors which feedback information to Lime’s local HQ to advise when a scooter needs charging – so the scooters are scooped up (usually at night) and charged so they’re ready to go the next day.

Thankfully the Queensland Government has exempted scooters in Brisbane from their road laws, however larger cities such as Sydney and London are facing issues (some road laws limit motorised scooters to 10km/hr) and therefore may see a similar service with bicycles instead of scooters.

After such huge success in New Zealand, with over 300,000 rides counted within just one month, you’ll be sure to find more of the infamous green scooters (or bikes in London!) popping up in a town or city near you.

Source: Concrete Playground