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Handy Smartphone Tips

Handy Smartphone Tips

Our phones are smarter than ever before, but did you know about these handy tricks?

Add a new keyboard: You don’t have to put up with your phone’s standard keyboard. There’s loads of different keyboards out there for you to try, whether you want a different set up, funky design or you want to add some new emojis, you can download and install a new keyboard from the app store.


Store digital documents: Need to scan and email something but don’t have access to a scanner? Most businesses now accept digitally-scanned documents taken on your smartphone camera (only if it’s high quality, of course!) Simply take a photo of the document, attach straight to the email from your picture gallery or use apps such as Google Drive, Evernote or Camscanner to upload the file into your cloud storage of choice. Save time by taking snaps of your important documents, notes and shopping lists and never worry about losing them or taking them with you.


Know that song: Certain apps can help you identify that annoying song in an instant. Download Shazam or SoundHound and instantly know what song you’re listening to. Some newer Android models (Google Pixel 2 for example) have a background ‘listening’ feature which doesn’t require the internet and shows you what song is playing around you on your lock screen – pretty neat!

Control things: Certain apps such as Spotify and YouTube transform your phone into a handy remote control. Whether you control Spotify from your phone to your laptop, or YouTube on your TV, you won’t have to move a muscle (well, just your fingers!)


Charge quickly: Setting your phone to ‘Aeroplane Mode’ reduces the amount of processing on your phone which helps to charge your battery quicker. Wonder why those charging cables are so short? It’s to stop you using your phone whilst on charge, prolonging the life of your battery. If you need a quick charge, just leave it to do its thing!


Be lazy: Most likely, you phone has a built-in virtual assistant, whether it be Google, Bixby or Cortana, so why aren’t you using it? Make your life easier by simply asking your phone to do the hard work for you. Ask what the weather forecast is today, what the traffic looks like on your route to work, what’s the latest headlines, or request your favourite song. Connected to a smart speaker, virtual assistants are a game changer when it comes to making your life simpler.

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