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Instagram launches IGTV

Instagram launches IGTV

Yesterday Instagram announced the launch of IGTV – a stand-alone Instagram app to watch video content created by Instagram users.

In the new IGTV app, videos are no longer restricted to 1 minute in length and can now be up to an hour long. Videos are also full screen which means you can watch them both vertically and horizontally.


Just like the current Instagram app, when you open IGTV, videos will automatically start playing, showing you content from people you already follow alongside suggestions on content you might also like.

In IGTV, the creators of the videos act as the video channels – simply follow your favourite creator to follow their video channel. To start your own IGTV channel, just start uploading your videos to the IGTV app.


IGTV will be available as a standalone app but will also be accessible through the Instagram app. IGTV will roll out globally in the next few weeks.

Source: Instagram