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Instagram’s new Facebook-style features coming soon!

Instagram’s new Facebook-style features coming soon!

In the next few weeks Instagram will be introducing some fancy new Facebook-style features, as announced by Mark Zuckerberg in the latest Facebook F8 conference.

One of the most prominent features will be the ability to video chat with your friends and followers. In your direct messaging screen, there will be a new camera icon that will allow you to video chat with that person, or even create a group video chat to keep the conversation flowing. If your chat gets boring, you’ll be able to minimize the chat screen so you can effortlessly scroll through Instagram whilst the chat continues.


The new AR Studio will allow creators to build face filters and effects and users can try out filters created by others in their ‘Stories’ feed. These filters will most likely be a hit with brands, with the ability to create custom filters much like we see on Snapchat. Instagram will also integrate other apps such as Spotify to allow users to share things like the songs they’re listening to directly to their ‘Stories’ feed.


There will also be an ‘Explore’ section that features different categories to allow users to select different topic channels to personalise their Instagram feed instead of relying solely on the feed’s algorithm. This will introduce more of a Pinterest kind of feel, using hashtags to relate images to the appropriate channels.


The most important new feature, however, is the ‘bullying filter’, using machine learning to censor any comments deemed as bullying or harassment. This feature is automatically switched on for all users but can be turned off in the ‘Comments Controls’ settings.

We can’t wait to try out these new features!

Source: Instagram Blog