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Kano makes coding fun with Harry Potter Coding Kit

Kano makes coding fun with Harry Potter Coding Kit

How times have changed. Gone are the days of learning traditional handcrafts in school. Nowadays, kids are more interested in learning how to code. But how can you engage kids in something so technical? Simple – introduce their favourite characters.

Kano – the company behind an array of build-your-own computer kits – is hoping to entice kids into code with its newest Harry Potter Coding Kit. The kit encompasses everything about the Harry Potter world with, you guessed it, your very own wand. Now you’re interested!


The kit works with Android, iOS, Mac and PC to operate on laptops, phones and tablets alike, pairing with your very own wand via Bluetooth. Start your coding journey by building your own coding wand to respond to your movements. Then, you can begin to learn how to code with over 70 different challenges.

So, how does the coding part work? Starting with a simple concept, users connect code blocks to make the wand respond to their movements. Whether it’s making objects move, grow or change colour, the coding blocks will help users to produce effects that they can instantly witness on screen. More advanced users can view the JavaScript behind the coding blocks to learn the workings behind it all. For the beginners, they will slowly develop their coding skills by connecting blocks, creating loops and adding variables with fun challenges which bring their own rewards such as unlockable features.

Once you’ve mastered the wand you can share your creations, play with other users and even have a look at the code they’ve created to make their own masterpieces. There are endless possibilities to learn and be creative along the way.

The wand kit is now available for pre-order for $99.00 USD for release in October this year. A perfect gift, just in time for Christmas!

Source: Kano