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Move Over Snapchat, Hello Instagram Direct!

Move Over Snapchat, Hello Instagram Direct!

In the battle of social media apps, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are arguably the front runners. Each app offers a quick fix for social sharing. Compared to Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are attributed to offering a more long-term, public sharing space where posts are there for the long haul. However, in recent years Instagram has crept into Snapchat’s quick-sharing realms with the introduction of Instagram Stories where followers can view a posted story for 24 hours before it disappears.


Instagram is making its next move by fusing the best of Facebook’s Messenger app within a Snapchat-esque model as recently discovered by The Verge. Bring forth Instagram Direct.

With just 3 screens, Instagram Direct will offer a platform to send direct messages to your best buddies, a camera feature with a whole bunch of new filters and an account screen to access your settings. The camera feature will make creating Instagram Stories a whole lot simpler (and more fun!) and will encourage users to use the app as a direct message alternative.

Instagram Direct_The Verge

The Direct app will be easily accessible through the current Instagram app via the direct messages screen, making for a swift transition between the two apps for those worried about flicking back and forth. Currently the Instagram Direct app is only available in Chile, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and Uruguay but we hope to see it here soon!

Source: The Verge