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No need to tie your shoe laces with Nike Adapt self-lacing footwear

No need to tie your shoe laces with Nike Adapt self-lacing footwear

Are you one of those people that loves lace-ups but hates tying them? Guilty! Well, now you can wave your lacing woes goodbye (well, at least for your sports shoes!) with Nike’s newest footwear line. Our first look at self-lacing shoes was back in 2016 with Nike’s HyperAdapt, but now they’re back with a newer version – minus the buttons.


Nike’s Adapt footwear are here to make sure you never tie your laces again. Designed to look like your average stylish sports shoes, the Adapt hides some very clever technology inside. Simply slip your foot into the shoe and watch your laces tie themselves. Well, when we say ‘tie’ we actually mean tighten (although if they tied the laces into bows we’d be pretty impressed!)


Through Nike’s partnered mobile app, users can select the fit and feel of each shoe to tailor to their preferences. You’ll even be able to change the way your shoes fit during a game of sport – loosening or tightening the fit of each shoe depending on your different sporting needs throughout the game. The app will collect and store your personal data, saving your preferences for easier selection the next time you put on your shoe. As with any health and fitness wearable, there’s a worry about the collection of data and user’s privacy, however Nike have provided the ability to opt out of data sharing if you’re unsure.


Nike’s Adapt hidden technology is aptly named E.A.R.L (Electric Adaptable Reaction Lacing) which is activated as soon as your heel hits the sole of the shoe – using a motor and gears to instantly tighten and adapt the pressure and feel of the shoe to give you the best fit. The Adapt will be a revolution on the sports fields – keeping the perfect fit whatever your game, without the worry of laces untying and shoes loosening their fit throughout.

Nike is clearly ahead of the game when it comes to smart footwear, leading the way for wearables and carving a path for other brands to begin developing new products integrating the latest technology. Nike’s Adapt will go on sale globally this February, retailing at around $350.00.

Source: BBC.com