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OLED - Changing the Face of Technology

OLED - Changing the Face of Technology

OLED has been making waves in the underground tech world for years but is recently being brought into the spotlight by companies hoping to change the future face of technology.

OLED displays (organic light-emitting diodes) don’t require a backlight – making them more energy efficient and paper-thin unlike traditional displays. These qualities allow for OLED displays to bend and fold without losing image quality or screen functionality – features which aren’t going unnoticed by the world’s leading tech developers.
Currently ahead of the game (or at least in the spotlight), Chinese company Lenovo recently exhibited Folio – a tablet which folds in half to the size of a smartphone. Bending down the middle, the screen folds around the device on the outside with the two back halves securing together to create a smaller hand-held device - convenient for those wanting to combine tablet and smartphone functionality.


Demonstrated by promotional staff at Lenovo’s Tech World event, the Folio appears to fold in half with relative ease, intelligently reconfiguring the display to meet the adjusted screen size. During smartphone mode, the Folio is still able to take images from the front camera and works much like a smartphone should. Lenovo also showed off the CPlus, a smartphone which can be folded around the wrist to transform into a smartwatch. The challenging shape didn’t seem to faze the tech giants, with the CPlus bending almost 360° almost effortlessly, allowing the whole screen to wrap around the wrist and no longer restricting smartwatch enthusiasts to miniscule displays.


With endless possible applications, we could see flexible OLED screens enter the mainstream market much sooner than we think.

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