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Samsung reveals world’s first folding smartphone…finally!

Samsung reveals world’s first folding smartphone…finally!

After what seems like forever in the making (and the building of anticipation), Samsung have finally revealed their folding smartphone concept to the world. The Samsung Developer’s Conference in San Francisco laid way to a host of new tech for the AI and AR scene, yet the folding phone was what the people wanted to see most. And they did see it – albeit very briefly and shadowed by dimmed spotlights. It seems Samsung have either developed a sudden shyness, or they aren’t quite ready to reveal the final design.


Made possible with Samsung’s newest Infinity Flex Display technology, the unfolded device is a 7.3 inch tablet, which closes in half to illuminate a much smaller OLED display on the ‘cover’. This enables tech lovers to enjoy all the wonders of both a tablet and a smartphone in a foldable, pocket-sized device without the worry of the screen degrading over time. The device will also showcase a ‘Multi Active Window’ to allow users to operate several apps at once – keeping the apps in operation when the device is either open or folded.

From the very brief viewing that Samsung provided, the body of the device looks relatively thick – yet the screen doesn’t seem to lose any brightness or clarity when unfolded into its tablet form. Despite Samsung rushing to be the first company to announce and release this new technology, it still seems a little unfinished – not quite ready for mass production and perhaps remaining a bit of a gimmick until it is perfected for release to the general public. With no further information in regards to the product name or the cost, we will just have to wait and see if the concept really kicks off.

Whilst Samsung have promised production within the next few months, we probably won’t be seeing the final design until CES in January 2019. I guess we’ve already waited 5 years for this day, another few months won’t make any difference!

Source: BBC News