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Scan to follow with Instagram Nametags

Scan to follow with Instagram Nametags

Let’s face it, scanning something is a lot easier than having to type it and search for it, in theory (although we can now just ask Google to do our search for us). China is an excellent example of how scanning codes makes for a much simpler mobile experience, with “social QR codes” (amongst other scannable objects) tied to Weibo and WeChat social media channels with quick links to tailored content and mobile pay services. Now Instagram wants to join in the fun with their new Instagram Nametags feature.

Open your Instagram profile and you’ll see a new feature on the top bar. This square-in-a-square icon is your new Nametags feature. Click on the icon to amend your Nametag and open your camera to scan someone else’s Nametag to become their follower.


You can edit your Nametag in three different ways: Colour, Emoji or Selfie. With ‘Colour’ simply tap on the background to choose from a handful of colour schemes. Tap the ‘Colour’ icon at the top to change to ‘Emoji’, where tapping on the background brings up your endless list of emojis. Simply select your favourite (and most inappropriate) Emoji to populate your Nametag background image. Finally, click on the ‘Emoji’ icon at the top to change to ‘Selfie’ where you can replace your tag image with a selfie of yourself with some funky glasses.


These savvy, colourful Nametags are designed for use wherever you want to gain followers. Whether you place your Nametags on posters, flyers, products or in-store, customers and fans alike can simply scan your Nametag to become a worthy Instagram follower. They can also be used to drive traffic from your other social media accounts (because, let’s face it, who needs anything else!)

The Instagram Nametag feature is now available in the Instagram app (for a select number of countries including Australia).

Try out the Instagram Nametag now by scanning the Neo Wireless Nametag below!