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The US military has a cooler phone than you

The US military has a cooler phone than you

How many conspiracy stories have you heard about the stash of tech that FBI and US military are hiding behind closed doors? Well, the US military has an actual department dedicated to developing new technologies for the sole purpose of advancing their defence systems – oh yeah!

Back in 2015, Ash Carter (former US Secretary of Defence) decided to start up the DIUx program – the Defence Innovation Unit Experimental – in an attempt to keep up with the technological advancement of the likes of Silicon Valley. Under this very program, Sonitus received a whopping multi-million dollar contract to develop the latest in communication technologies – introducing the “Molar Mic.”


The device is just as it sounds, a contraption that clicks onto the teeth of its user (preferably a molar) and provides two-way communication much like a standard mobile phone. CEO of developing company Sonitus explained that users will get used to the device after around 3 weeks of use, where the brain can steadily adapt to the sounds of crunching inside your head and turn these into sounds you can recognise – using the “auditory pathway” via your teeth and bones.

Similar to Bluetooth, the “Molar Mic” uses near-field magnetic induction and each device will be made to suit each user, fitting snugly inside their mouth by clipping into their molars. Thankfully, the device is waterproof and has a rechargeable battery – let’s just hope they get cleaned after each use!


The “Molar Mic’ has originally been designed for use by the US Air Force, providing an easier and more convenient form of communication, built to last through Mission Impossible-esque actions such as jumping out of an aeroplane and swimming to the target.

Let’s see if Silicon Valley are inspired to design a similar device for civilian use.

Source: Gizmodo