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Why do I need a desktop charging station?

Why do I need a desktop charging station?

Let’s start with a quick question – how many portable devices does your household own? This includes mobile phones, tablets, laptops, wireless headphones, portable speakers to name just a few. Well, the average Aussie household has over 13 internet-connected devices and that’s predicted to double in number by 2021 (Telsyte, 2017). That’s a lot of devices that need power!

And where do you charge all these devices? We bet you have a separate charger for every device you own. If that meets the Aussie average of 13 devices per household, that’s 13 power sockets that you are no longer able to use for other things. How often have you had to remove a charger to plug in your vacuum or the toaster? Annoying, right?!

OK, so we may be a little biased here, but there are so many benefits to owning a desktop charging station that you might not have realised. Not only can they save you time and money in the long run, desktop chargers can free up space and create a safer electronic environment in your home.

We’ve summarised a few of the best points below.


You probably have a separate charger for each portable device which means you are probably using most of your power sockets to power them - often needing to swap and change plugs and cables whenever you need a spare socket. Not only does this waste time, it also presents a safety risk by constantly removing and inserting plugs into sockets which can loosen cables and connections. Especially unsafe for little ones!

In comparison, a desktop charger can charge multiple devices using just a single power point. After selecting a permanent place for it, the desktop charger can be left on so it’s always ready to charge your devices. The chargers keep cool with internal fans, so there’s no worry of overheating and most chargers recognise when your device is fully charged.



How many times have you had to unravel a tangled mess of charging cables to find the one you need? And how many times have you stolen a charging cable from your loved ones? Guilty! Most homes have that dreaded mass of cables tangled around the busy charging spot in the home (usually the kitchen or lounge room!) or even hidden away in a drawer to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Desktop chargers with short charging cables and wireless charging pads prevent cables from going missing and becoming tangled, making it quicker and easier to charge your device. It also stops any unsightly mess and keeps your cables in better condition for longer. No more pulling at wires and no more fights over charging cables!



Speaking of tidiness, not only does a desktop charger mean no more tangled cables, it also provides an area to store your devices. Once again, this is much safer for your family and your beloved technology, as it prevents tugging and pulling at cables and provides a safe storage solution for your gadgets. Let’s put an end to those cracked screens!


As we just mentioned, searching for, untangling cables and changing plug sockets wastes time – something so precious in our modern lives. Placing a desktop charging station in the hub of your home creates a permanent charging spot for all your family’s devices. This means it’s always ready and always on so you know exactly where you can grab some juice for your battery!



All of the above points are great, right? But what about the little things in life? Having a desktop charging station in your home creates a designated spot to charge the household’s devices and is a great way to take a time-out from tech. Whether you’re sitting down for breakfast or dinner, movie night or family board game night, a charging station can happily store and charge your family’s devices for a gadget time-out.

This even goes for bedtime. Having a charging station in the family hub means you can keep an eye on your family’s screen time and ensure they don’t sneak their gadgets away during tech time-out. Get your family time back and create better habits with a desktop charging station.

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