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Xbox Adaptive Controller brings gaming to all

Xbox Adaptive Controller brings gaming to all

How easy is it to pick up a gaming controller and begin to play? It’s something you rarely think of. Well, for some people it’s not that simple. For those with disabilities, using a standard gaming controller may be extremely difficult, affecting their gaming experience. Microsoft is hoping to bring a more inclusive experience to all users with its new Xbox Adaptive Controller, designed to meet the needs of those with limited mobility.


The device has two large programmable buttons, 2 USB ports and 19 jacks to connect a range of external devices such as joysticks, buttons, mounts and switches. This enables the user to adapt their controller to completely personalise their gaming experience. There will also be an Xbox Accessories app on the Xbox One and Windows 10 to remap buttons and tailor the controller to personal profiles. For example, you can remap several versions of the control to suit different games, uses or players. Different accessories will be readily available to purchase from the release date including wheelchair mounts, foot pedals and customisable joysticks.


The Xbox Adaptive Controller is the outcome of partnerships between Microsoft and several charities including The AbleGamers Charity, Cerebral Palsy Foundation, SpecialEffect, Warfighter Engaged and many more, whose input helped to shape the functionality and design of the controller.


The controller will open endless opportunities to users who usually miss out, although the controller won’t be able to provide a complete solution on its own.

Pre-orders for the Xbox Adaptive Controller begin today for $99.00 USD or $129.99 AUD, for a release date of 30/09/2018.

Source: Xbox.com