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Neo is a wireless charging station that offers the quickest, easiest and neatest way to charge numerous electronic devices at once. Integrating multiple USB ports with designated charging stands and a Qi wireless charging platform, Neo allows you to charge up to 5 devices simultaneously without the need for multiple power points or messy charging cables.

Whether your family are always fighting over the charger, you simply don’t have enough power sockets where you need them, or you’re tired of moving your charger around the house, Neo brings one simple solution to all your charging needs. With Neo’s handy ‘charge and stand’ design, no longer will you have to untangle your charging cable – with the ability to hold up to 4 devices for USB charging with stand sizes to support both smartphones and tablets.

Neo is available in an array of colours (green, grey and orange) and each kit is provided with supporting USB charging cables and wireless adapters for both Apple and Android devices. Neo's wireless platform is compatible with iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung's and more* - for all other phones, adapters are provided. Each USB port is also compatible with regular USB charging cables to support an array of different devices, including hand-held games consoles and MP3 players.


*please check product page or FAQ's for the list of devices that do not require the use of adapters.